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Hypocrisy and the deception of public opinion have become a disease of the liberals and their allies

It seems at first sight that the answer to the question in the title is simple: supporters of the Democratic Party, liberals of all kinds, bureaucrats who multiplied over the presidency of Obama, illegal immigrants, and anarchists.

However, the situation is more complex. This is not simply about the opponents of Trump who apply a wide variety of strategies, from protest marches and obstructionism in Congress to the decisions of odious federal judges who support the Democrats. This is about the mentality of various strata of the society, from the semi-literate Mexican peasant who has crossed the border to an anchorman on CNN with a Harvard degree. What today unites them – these very different people? However surprising it may seem, they are united not only by the support of leaders of liberal movements, but also by complete ignorance of history, and of the global events that taught the human race bloody lessons..

The liberals and their allies in different strata of the society find it expedient to try their best in order to prevent Trump and his administration from taking any steps which he as a national leader considers necessary. Moreover, Trump’s opponents consider morals, logic, facts, and urgent problems as somehow irrelevant. So a good half of the American population, which includes nearly all the country’s national minorities, considers that only the programme of destructive anti-Trump actions (worked out by the Clintons and their associates under the auspices of George Soros, other billionaires and Barack Obama) is relevant.

History, including Russian history, has already witnessed all this. When the Bolsheviks dispersed the Constituent Assembly, a Social Revolutionary Maria Spiridonova characterised this action as ‘immoral’. Lenin responded to her remark thus: ‘There are no morals in politics; there is only expedience’. In England, Oliver Cromwell and his fellows thought it ‘expedient’ to execute King Charles I – first of all, because shopkeepers in the Parliament did not want to pay taxes for the maintenance of the army. As a result of this regicide and Cromwell’s dictatorship the country was plunged into the nightmare of cruel wars, massacres and grinding poverty. Let us note that Lenin, like Cromwell, used to convert cathedrals into stables.

Extreme left-wingers, liberals, progressives and the Democrats in the USA form a unique segment of the population. They claim that they are the future of America, and that they are in the vanguard of the forces that are struggling for peace and progress. But, likewise, Adolf Hitler believed that he was steering humanity to a bright future when he was invading European and African countries and sending Jews, Socialists and homosexuals to concentration camps. Declarations, however high-sounding they may be, are just mere words which, when examined more closely, often appear to disguise the actions that have nothing to do with the resounding speeches.

For instance, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton more than once said that they would ‘always and in all respects’ support the State of Israel as an important strategic partner. Meanwhile, it was under Obama that the J Street organization was established in the USA, and its task is to cause the maximum possible damage to the State of Israel and its people.

This organization was founded and is financed by George Soros, and its ideological basis is the struggle with Israel. In his interview with the Argumenty Nedeli, the Russian weekly newspaper, the President of the Institute for the Middle East Studies Evgeny Satanovsky said frankly that a considerable number of American Jews, headed by George Soros, had done their best to ‘strangle’ Israel because, in their judgement, it is ‘going down a wrong path’.

Throughout Obama’s presidency liberals, progressives and ‘minority rights activists’ over and over again declared their ardent desire to support African-Americans and other ‘coloured’ USA residents in every possible way: such as the improvement of their life and working conditions, and getting education. The results of the eight years of rule of the Democrats with Obama at their head are the following: the number of employed African Americans has decreased (58.6% in 2007 versus 52.8% in 2012); fewer than half of the residents in this population group have a full-time job; 25.8% of African-Americans are currently living below the poverty line; over twenty per cent of young Afro-Americans take drugs (and this is just what the official statistics indicate!); the average income in the households of national minorities fell by twenty per cent over the period of the Obama’s administration.

All these figures demonstrate that hypocrisy and the deception of public opinion have become a disease of the liberals and their allies.

So now that the new US administration is striving to improve not only the national economy, but also economic conditions of ordinary Americans, these same folks (and we could describe them as ‘America’s neo-Bolsheviks’ for their present attacks on that part of the population which is tired of rallies, the discord, the lies and hypocrisy) are trying to hamper the progress of the Trump administration’s work at any cost.

According to Donald Trump’s decree, citizens of seven majority-Muslim countries are banned from entering the United States for ninety days. The logic of this measure is obvious to anybody. ISIS is currently losing power in the Middle East, gradually but implacably, so it is trying to send its militants to other countries in order to maintain its strength for new terrorist attacks. Sometimes these terrorists move abroad with their families and raise their children in the spirit of hatred for the democratic society they live in.

In the USA during Obama’s tenure, facts of terrorist actions (both newly arrived terrorists and those who had lived there for many years) were suppressed or not called by their proper names: it is known that over the eight years in office neither Obama nor his entourage ever uttered the words ‘Muslim extremists’ or ‘Islamists’ terrorism’.

Some federal judges have suspended the presidential decree which temporarily banned entry to the USA from seven predominantly Muslim states, thus allowing Iraqis, Syrians, Somalians and citizens of several other Middle East countries to enter the USA. It is a purely politicized decision, made by Democrat-supporting judges, which gives Trump to understand that his steps will always be met with a stern and uncompromising resistance. This question is not closed yet and we will see the continuation of this confrontation between President Trump and the Democrats – both in courts of law and on a national scale.

It should be stressed that British liberals have also taken part in the marches against Trump’s decree. And that is quite surprising. I will remind those British citizens, who are unaware, or have forgotten, about the acts committed by extremists in their country.

On 7 July, 2005, four Muslim suicide bombers committed four acts of terror and deliberately targeted innocent civilians. Three bombs exploded on the London underground and one on a double-decker bus during the rush hour! Fifty-six people were killed and 700 injured, many others lost their arms and legs.

On 30 June, 2007, Muslim terrorists attempted to blow up Glasgow International Airport, and a year later – a café in the city of Exeter. On 22 May, 2013, two Islamic extremists beheaded a young British Army soldier Lee Rigby right on a street in Woolwich. And on 5 December, 2015, at Leytonstone London tube station a Muslim extremist attacked four passengers with a knife, yelling: ‘This is for Syria!’. And we can only guess how many terrorist attacks were prevented by the police and the counterterrorism units. But it is certain that there were dozens of foiled terror plots.

It should also be pointed out that the terrorists included not only people who had lived in the UK for many years, but also those who had been born here . Of course, an overwhelming majority of Muslims living in this country do not share the ideology of Muslim extremism and condemn it. However, for Lee Rigby’s mother, who lost her son, or for a young woman, who lost her legs in the London underground terror act, this fact is less important than the fact that Islamic terrorism does exist and it is not a rare phenomenon, as it seems to liberals. This has also become evident from the events in France, Belgium and the USA itself. So the measures that Trump intended to take are not only logical but also reasonable. However, as we have seen, militant liberals won’t listen to reason.

It should be noted that today’s Democratic Party, which has orchestrated the current obstructionist and in essence anti-people policy, is under full control of the militant liberals and ultra-leftist leaders. Speaking on TV, Douglas Schoen, formerly a famous political figure and advisor of ex-President Bill Clinton, has said that today’s Democratic Party is no longer his party and that it has changed out of all recognition. ‘When I worked for Bill Clinton, we, the Democrats, devoted much attention to the life of working Democrats – both black and coloured ones. And the Democratic Party that I see today is extreme left: it does not take care of working people, it is only busy with such things as resistance and marches instead of working constructively with a view to improving our citizens’ quality of life’.

And what are the motivations of these liberals who put a spoke in the current administration’s wheel? They are driven by false slogans, instigated by a corrupt media, and the money of Soros and his henchmen. But that is not all. They are also guided by the pragmatism of modern ‘slave-traders’.

Let me clarify my statement. Very many people in America are interested in immigration growth. Some segments of the society (in America as well as Western Europe) believe that immigrants are needed to perform the menial jobs that natives will never agree to perform. But that is not the point. Using the term ‘slave trade’, I don’t mean human trafficking. I mean thoroughly planned and well-organised large-scale immigration, which, firstly, creates a cheap labour force market that considerably lowers the standards in the sphere of payment for labour, and, secondly, creates a market of cheap consumer goods and low-quality products.

Judge for yourselves. An immigrant coming to the USA with his family from Somalia or the Sudan, for many years (or even till the end of his life) will have no chance to reach a social status when he would be living in his private house and not in slums of a city, when he would afford to buy clothes not in second-hand shops and to only buy food in the cheapest shops (which provokes various diseases). He becomes a slave of the situation; a slave of the system he got into, and in many cases there is no way out of this system. Unless he becomes a drug dealer or a member of an ethnic gang, his life seems utterly joyless, and his sole entertainment is electronic games. Sellers of old clothes and canned beans will always make good money thanks to him and men like him.

It is they, the real destitute and dispossessed elements of the society (despite the ‘American dream’), that are taking part in the protest marches, organised by the American liberals, because they are being told that Trump is going to deprive them of the last bits that they have. It is they – Africans, Mexicans, Asians – that are ready to burn cars and stores, to loot shops and fashion salons because they feel deceived: instead of finding a placid, comfortable and prosperous life in such a rich country as America, they end up languishing in poverty against the background of elegant houses and luxurious restaurants, flourishing companies and expensive supermarkets. They are joined by local outcasts (who gladly light up a cannabis cigarette, while they are about it) and anarchists who don’t care what to smash. Their destiny can be changed only by decisions of Donald Trump, but they, like liberals, have no desire to listen to him.

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