Victory Day


Victor Loupan

What does it mean – victory? First of all, it’s happiness! And in this case, it is a very special moment of joy as the victory was gained in the most terrible

war. Nazi troops strove to annihilate our nation and to reduce us to slavery.

“Subhumans” must see the life of slaves. But such “slaves” knocked the “superhumans” down, tearing their army to pieces to show what they were made of. They whipped them back to their lair, back to Berlin.

As Red Army soldiers reached Berlin, travelling halfway across Europe on foot, they saw that the “Krauts” lived much better than they did in “the best of all possible worlds”. And that was another victory – the victory over the rusty Soviet propaganda. That was the moment of understanding – that they were fighting not for their good life, not for their “petit bourgeois” comfort with its couches and lace doilies, but for the Motherland and for Stalin. That’s how it happened. That was the reason for

calling this war “Patriotic”, like the war against Napoleon. In 1812, as

in 1941, the war was fought against the Beast (the Antichrist). And it’s not for nothing that Stalin addressed the nation not with the traditional socialist “comrade”, as he usually did, but with the more spiritual “brothers and sisters”. And the nation clearly got the message.

A patriotic war is not an ordinary war, but a Holy War. A war with a Communist

party membership card tucked in the left pocket of one’s uniform, just in front of the heart, and with icons, held up by old, country women, while the troops pass through the villages. And the Russian soldiers crossed themselves and spiritually

kissed those holy icons known from the imperial period. Exactly like that!

Happy Great Victory Day, my fair readers!

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