Victor Loupan Left our World

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It is with the deepest regret that the Editorial Board of the Russian Mind magazine informs the readers about the untimely death of Victor Nikolaevich Loupan

On January 22, 2022, at the age of 67, the Head of the Editorial Board and Editor-in-Chief of the Russian Mind magazine, a prominent journalist, writer, publisher, documentary filmmaker, member of the Patriarchal Council for Culture of the Russian Orthodox Church, an outstanding figure of the Russian Diaspora, Victor Nikolaevich Loupan, has passed away.

A wise, energetic leader, a brilliant professional, a man of profound knowledge and rare spiritual qualities, he remained at the helm of Russian Mind for 16 years. It is hard to imagine that the next issues of our magazine will be published without his heartfelt Editor’s Letter or bold editorials full of deep philosophical thoughts, subtle observations and convincing conclusions.

The funeral service for Victor Nikolaevich Loupan was held on Thursday, January 27, at the Saint Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Paris Photo: Georgy Pinkhasov

Victor Nikolaevich was born on April 3, 1954, in the city of Chernivtsi in Ukraine. After school, he studied at the Chisinau State University, Department of French. At the age of 20, he emigrated with his family to Belgium, where he graduated from the Film and Theatre School (INSAS). Following that he continued his education in the United States enrolling at the Higher Director’s Courses of the American Film Institute (AFI) in Los Angeles.

Since 1985, Victor Nikolaevich has lived and worked in France being the leading international journalist for the Figaro Magazine, publishing more than 200 articles and interviews from the world’s hot spots, and shot four full-length documentaries based on his own scripts. In 1987, his film about Soviet prisoners in Afghanistan won an award for the best humanitarian film of the year.

Victor Loupan was also actively engaged in publishing. During his career he was heading up several French publishing houses including Syrtes, Presses de la Renaissance, Éditions de l’Œuvre, and since 2014 he has been the director of the Parisian publishing house Editions du Rocher.

Victor Loupan was also the producer and host of three weekly radio programs on the Parisian radio station Radio Notre Dame.

He was also known as a talented teacher, working in recent years at the Institut Georges Méliès, one of the leading educational institutions in France where he was teaching advanced techniques of animation.

Victor Nikolaevich was only 67 years old. He could create so much more and bring so much joy to our readers. With him gone, we lost a whole world…

God rest his soul!

Our most sincere condolences to the family and friends of dear Victor Nikolaevich.

Remembering Victor Loupan

Alexander Avdeev, the Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the Holy See (since 2013), Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation (2008–2012), Ambassador to France (2002–2008):

“With deepest regret, I learned the sad news of the death of Victor Nikolaevich Loupan, with whom I had been connected by many years of good relations and friendship. His brilliant talent and passion for journalism have always served the Russian culture, the preservation of the spiritual heritage of the Russian émigré, and the gathering of the intellectual wealth of the peoples of our country.

Among the remarkable deeds of the publicist Victor Loupan is his great personal contribution to the Russian-French friendship and to the dialogue of civil societies in our countries. His experience, integrity as a journalist and the opportunity to speak from the authoritative rostrum of Russian Mind allowed him to publicly and consistently defend the path of Russia’s democratic development based on the strengthening of the rule of law and civil society.

A handsome, well-educated intellectual, he was wise in his assessments and open to frank reflections on the fate of our era. He was loved, respected and will always be remembered as one of the prominent representatives of ‘Russian’ Paris”.

Anatoly Adamishin, Soviet and Russian diplomat, statesman, member of the Editorial Board of Russian Mind:

“Victor Nikolaevich was one of those people who salvaged the existence of Russian Mind in France, continuing the traditions of the previous two centuries.”

Konstantin Volkov, Head of the Representative Office of Rossotrudnichestvo in France – Director of the Russian House of Science and Culture in Paris:

“The staff of the Russian House of Science and Culture in Paris sends its sincere condolences to the family and friends of Victor Nikolaevich Loupan, his colleagues and associates at Russian Mind, his numerous readers and admirers around the world.

Photo: Georgy Pinkhasov

The departure of Victor Nikolaevich is perceived in the Russian spiritual and cultural community in France as the deepest and very painful loss.

A gifted journalist, the Head of the Editorial Board of, perhaps, the most authoritative Russian-language publication abroad, which history is spanning over many decades, he gave Russian Mind a new conceptual meaning, putting all his rich professional experience and worldview into it.

A creator by nature and attitude, Victor Nikolaevich put his efforts to preserve the Russian cultural heritage abroad, acting as a true enlightener who absorbed the intellectual code of his contemporaries, such as Ivan Shmelyov, Boris Zaitsev and Nina Berberova, with whom he communicated and interacted a lot.

The contribution of Victor Nikolaevich to overcoming the spiritual distance among Russians of different waves of emigration and generations in France, Russian émigré and Russia as a whole, is also invaluable.

The system of new cultural ties established by a convinced protector, undoubtedly remains a solid basis for the further rapprochement of all those who cherish Russian civilisation and its eternal values.”

Maxim Zamshev, Editor-in-Chief, Literaturnaya Gazeta:

“A charming, kind and an incredibly scholarly man, a professional of the highest standard, an outstanding figure in the Russian Diaspora. This is how we will remember Victor Nikolaevich Loupan, the Head of the Editorial Board and Editor-in-Chief of the magazine Russian Mind.”

Prince Alexander Alexandrovich Trubetskoy, member of the Editorial Board of Russian Mind:

“The Russian world has lost its faithful defender Victor Loupan.

He appeared among Russian emigrants somehow unexpectedly, but quickly found his place as if he had always been among us – as a journalist, writer, publisher and, of course, as the editor-in-chief of Russian Mind, the oldest Russian publication.

I had a chance to get to know him when he took a bold and determined position in defense of the Orthodox part of the Russian tradition. Being an ardent defender of Russian Orthodoxy, he took an active part wherever it was necessary to defend the position of the Church at a time when different movements appeared that could lead to its split. Not sparing himself, he sought to prevent it and endured many confrontations from those who could be seen as potential separatists. He certainly contributed to the fact that the Russian Orthodox Church was able, despite many threats, to preserve itself under the Mother Church of the Moscow Patriarchate.

His contribution to the magazine Russian Mind is invaluable. Thanks to his efforts, the publication has found a new life, and remains one of the most popular magazines in many European countries.

And finally, his deep patriotism is a vivid example for those who are proud of great Russia with its rich history and multinational culture.

May the memory of Victor Loupan live forever!”

Rene Guerra, Doctor of Philology at the University of Paris, curator and researcher of the cultural heritage of the Russian Diaspora, member of the Editorial Board of Russian Mind:

“Passing of Victor Loupan is a great personal loss for me. It is hard to believe that we will not meet again in Nice, where he often visited me. I had the good fortune to meet Victor Nikolaevich in Paris nearly three decades ago. I remember our friendly conversations in the cafe Le Select in the Boulevard du Montparnasse, where he came after work driving his motorcycle.

When he headed the Syrtes Publishing House in 2001, he immediately suggested that I write an afterword to Ivan Shmelyov’s book The Sun of the Dead. In 2003, I was invited to the wedding of his eldest daughter. In the same year, our new meeting took place in Nice at the Book Salon, where we spoke with famous writers Evgeny Popov from Moscow and Vladimir Volkov from Paris.

Since 2006, Victor Nikolaevich has been the permanent editor-in-chief of the magazine Russian Mind. We were like-minded in the interpretation of many historical events. In 2015, our big conversation Treasures of the White Émigré was published in the July issue.

Two years ago, we celebrated the New Year together with Victor and his large and friendly family in his hospitable house in the Alps.

Victor Loupan was a pure soul and a sympathetic, talented and creative person.

He left the kindest memory of himself, which we will forever keep in our hearts. God rest his soul!”

Vyacheslav Kopiev, Russian public figure:

“Victor Loupan has passed away. It is impossible to believe it. He was a highest-class professional in journalism, publishing, documentary filmmaking.

An Orthodox person deeply devoted to his ideals.

Cheerful, epicurean, full of energy, always driving his trusted motorcycle, he radiated optimism and reliability.

Head of a large family, who had lived happily with his wife Cecile for 42 years, raising children and grandchildren. The last hero – no one can replace him, and his memory will always live with us.”

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