In Memory of Victor Loupan

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These days, we fondly remember Victor Nikolayevich Loupan, whose life was cut short on 22 January 2022.

A brilliant journalist, an outstanding figure of the Russian diaspora, who made an invaluable

contribution to preserving the cultural heritage of Russian émigré, a talented writer and

documentary film director, a multifaceted and profound individual, Victor Loupan was at the helm of the Russian Mind for sixteen years.

His vivid editorials, full of wise thoughts, subtle reflections, and skilful

analysis of current events, were a beacon of high journalism and the hallmark of our


A devoted son of the Russian Orthodox Church, Victor Nikolayevich was a man of rare moral virtues. Communicating with him always brought great joy; he radiated positivity,

friendliness, and the special calmness of a wise philosopher. The depth of his knowledge and the richness of his spiritual world seemed boundless.

Losing such extraordinary people is hard, but meeting such remarkable souls on our life journey is a great blessing.

Memory eternal!

The Russian Mind magazine Editorial Board

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