Finnish-Russian robotics company gets international recognition

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By Alexander Dubov

ROBBO Company, a manufacturer of educational robotics and a franchisor of the global network of children’s technical clubs ROBBOClub, works on improving the quality of education in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Recently, it has received international recognition, winning a prestigious EdTech Breakthrough Awards-2021. ROBBO Academy Future Skills Multidisciplinary Center was recognized as the solution of the year in the Next-Gen Schools category.

Every year, the EdTech Breakthrough Awards celebrate outstanding achievements, innovative potential, and success of educational technology manufacturers and suppliers. The awards are given to products and companies that solve existing problems and challenges of education.

With more than two thousand projects from all over the world participating in the competition, the jury had a busy task of evaluating initiatives according to several criteria, including innovation, performance, value to the industry, ease of installation and use, functionality, uniqueness of the problem that the product solves.

ROBBO was nominated for the award for implementation of the track “Rankings” of the ASI GoGlobal Initiative – a service for the international promotion of Russian projects and solutions.

“Russian technologies and solutions in robotics have long proved their relevance in international markets. ROBBO’s victory in such a significant event again showed the competitiveness of Russian technologies in comparison with foreign analogues,” said Svetlana Chupsheva, ASI Director General.

Starting from 2011, ROBBO has been producing robotic EdTech kits for homes and schools, and since 2015, it has been developing a network of children’s programming and robotics clubs in Russia and around the world. In 2020, the company launched a new product – ROBBO Academy Future Skills, a multidisciplinary training center for children from five to 15 years old, offering a classic basic Math- and IT-focused education.

The educational program of the academy consists of basic disciplines, as in a typical school, and supplementary ones, such as robotics and programming. Children also learn the basics of emotional intelligence and financial literacy. In addition, the academy can create an individual training plan for each child to maximize their talents and abilities.

“We strive to ensure that ROBBO Academy Future Skills graduates contribute to the growth of the country’s innovation potential and global technological progress. That’s why we teach children to be good programmers, roboticists, and technology entrepreneurs. Each of them can launch their own startup under the supervision of mentors even in their school years. The global EdTech Breakthrough Award 2021 is a strong indication that our approach is highly sought around the world,” said ROBBO founder Pavel Frolov.

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