I believe that the organization of this contest at the 70th anniversary of Victory Day is an unbelievable event. The reason for it lies in our genetic memory, in our history, in the history which could make a country feel proud, and we are proud! To win such a war, to become a winner in those inhuman circumstances which our country was faced in that period… In spite of everything we won, and were not made to bend on our knees, and the soviet soldier is a true winner of this war! And I think every family has this genetic memory! Each one of us has fathers, grandfathers, mothers have sons, wives – their husbands, everyone has this genetic memory! Practically every family either took part in the Great Patriotic War, or lost someone. We need to talk about this, we need to remember

this! I believe that today for all these people, this contest will be a step back to that genetic line, which was passed by the whole country. It’s not important

what kind of occupation you have, if you want to take part in it with your heart and soul. Join the contest because this unites the nation, brings us together, creates the spiritual community for which our Land was always famous, and maybe only through this spiritual community did we win the Great Patriotic War, and only thanks to in this spiritual community will we win now. Now our country

is experiencing quite hard times due to those who attempt to change our

history and say that this is not the Soviet Union, not a Soviet soldier who brought the Victory to the world but that it was won by all confederates! Yes, this is also important but still the Victory belongs to a Soviet soldier and to remember it, sing about it, paint it, sculpt it – that’s what our contest is about! That is why it is important and valuable for me to join the supervisory board of such an important event in the history of our country. This Victory will always be in our hearts and such kind of contests recall one more time this great historical Memory.

Liubov Kazarnovskaya

The organization of this contest, which will be held under the National Foundation “Public Recognition”, a contest of the best creative works, will no doubt will stir up our souls because we are all children of the war, especially the previous generation – our parents. Many of them stood up for Peace and won in the struggle paying the highest price – giving their lives for it. It is necessary to pay tribute to the memory of those who did not survive, although enough of the veterans are still survive, who confirm that they are real, strong people, full of the desire to give freedom and independence to our Motherland, to give us peace. That’s why those compositions

which have been created now and earlier, were a reflection of life during the Great

Patriotic War and after it, during the period of reconstruction. Those compositions were no doubt written through suffering, because the writers had seen the reality of war and expressed themselves with a throbbing heart!

These days, young people probably start to forget those events, living under the frames of fictional works and imaginative

writing. Of course we must involve them into our work because, to my mind, no one

can live without clearly a focused ideological basis to enlighten them: neither humans nor countries. That is why memories of the people fighting on the battlefields and did not survive to the present day must be secured in fictional works and in this point young composers, poets and singers must express their own attitude to the topics described in their creations.

I think we will see new, interesting examples of such creations, which could be clearer for the younger generation in comparison to those which we have brought to this life as the elder generation.

Young people want to see the heroes of their own age. And it is necessary for them to be involved in this important project. I think that it is good when young generation has such a possibility and governmental support. We are obliged to organize this contest, to release the new creations, and to let people know what the Great Patriotic War really was.

Lev Leschenko

Firstly, history cannot stand being in the conjunctive mood. Secondly, history is exactly what is written in archives and repeated in school books. That’s why it is very sad that many people forget about the sacrifice made by our fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers. And of course I would like to do my best to keep the truth from being forgotten and facts from being changed on the whim of one or other politician. Generally, of course, the Great Patriotic War and the Victory over the Nazis – these are matters which must stand independently from politics and away from any interpretation. We clearly understand how many people sacrificed their lives for the peaceful sky above our heads and for our country to be independent. And how many

people after the war have performed challenging feats to give us equality and preserve a lasting equality in our country.

Dear friend, dear participants and those who still plan to participate – let’s take part in

the contest “For the love of our Heroes”! Present your creation, bring it to us, and let’s do a good deed together.

Rodion Gazmanov

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