A Book is the Best Gift

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How many times have we each heard that a book is the best gift? But we seldom give them to each other. And only a few years ago books were still considered the best, and more importantly, the most traditional gift for Christmas and the New Year.

A full bookshelf used to be people’s greatest treasure and something indispensable to any household. The tradition of giving books grew not only out of a desire to give something to someone. As a rule, a book was considered a distinctive means of expressing one’s respect for someone or a way of fostering a good friendship.

Choosing an appropriate book is possible by using a variety of criteria: by genre, by an author’s name or even by the beauty of its cover. Even so, in the metropolises of today, the rhythm of modern life does not allow time for reading books. People who love to read are turning more and more to electronic books, but they are not replacing their paper ones completely. And true lovers of literature agree: electronic books do not afford you the pleasure of folding down the corners of a page, or leafing through a book.

A book always was, and will be, a universal gift. That is why Russian Mind has opened a new section: ‘Books’, in which our reviewers will introduce readers to modern Russian literature.

All the books from the following selection can be ordered.

For members of the journal, Russian Mind, there is a special offer:
10€ (£9) for any book, including delivery.

The current books on offer are the works of the author, Alice Danshokh:

Culinary Memories from a Happy Childhood

In this book, the author, journalist, and columnist for Literaturnaya Gazeta, Alice Danshokh, shares fourteen stories from her childhood. In one way or another, all of them are linked to food. Moreover, it was a happy childhood. That is why this book is such an appetising, delicious, and easy read!

Rose-coloured Stories and other ‘Once upon a Time’ Tales

‘Once Upon a Time with Alice Danshokh’ is a personal column which has been written by the columnist for ‘Literaturnaya Gazeta’ for over five years. Readers (and, of course, her admirers!) have studied her her interesting and versatile stories for a long time.

As the author says, she records impressions from interesting meetings, from cultural books, from exciting journeys and excellent performances. Sooner or later, these impressions become the next beginning to a story, her own ’once upon time’.

The book includes not only these creative imaginings but also rose-coloured and even dreamlike stories. Coloured illustrations include works of de Saint-Exupery and Kiprensky, Bryullov and Pierre-Joseph Redoute, Bilibin and Voloshin as well as a lot of bronzed ‘friends’ of Alice in photos which were taken during her trips around the world: from Venice to Great Britain and from France to New Zealand.

Not Quite a Saintly Family From the Silver Alley

Alice Danshokh’s book is an idiosyncratic journey through time. It is the story of a wonderful Moscow family: a tale about a typical Russian grand-mother who, after only one day of war, wrote a letter full of hope, love and faith to her son at the front. Now these letters and personal stories are printed for the first time and are a witness to an epoch. With its post-script from the twenty-first century, this is an appealing history of a not-quite-saintly family from the Silver Alley [Serebrianyi pereulok].

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