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We have got to feel for those dutiful Americans who are treated now as hostages by extremists and their masters

Oleg Ozerov, political analyst

The events developing in America over the recent weeks push many foreign citizens to ask at least three questions:

  1. Can protests continuously accompanied with violence, looting, arson attacks and assaults on unarmed people, be condoned?
  2. Why did many state authorities allow – and sometimes support – destruction of private properties, historical and cultural monuments, and even condone murder from time to time?
  3. How long will the federal government be stuck in siege in the US capital waiting until diverse radicals, anarchists and drug addicts get tired from looting and get exhausted?

Each question is quite logical, however, we are unlikely to answer them before we answer another question: “Who benefits from the events in the USA?” This is a key question: once we find an answer to it, we will easily answer any other question.

Of course, we can immediately predict that the Democratic presidential nominee gains all the benefits. Big and small tragedies unwrapping in the streets of America demonstrate to local citizens that the existing president is too weak to deal with disorders, he has neither force nor funds to do so. If he engages the army, Liberals will accuse him of implementation of tyranny and suppression of peaceful demonstrations by tanks. In most states the police had been demoralised, but where Democrats keep power, police officers are intentionally prevented from performance of their duties.

The current situation may lead to Democratic nominee Joe Biden winning the election by the end of the year due to terror perpetrated by madding crowds. He is controlled by liberal billionaires who would completely change the country when they will become a hidden power.

Photo: Clay Banks

All efforts taken by the existing president Donald Trump who warned about globalisation and excessive liberalisation dangers, would be then ineffective. Although Trump was correct arguing that relocation of the American production to other countries has weakened the USA. Today the leading Western state does not produce even antibiotic drugs; this single fact evidences that the USA is far from being as strong as its citizens may think. Even though some of his electors suppose that the COVID-19 pandemic and violence work to support weight of the president, development of the circumstances directly strengthens his opponents.

People who voted for Trump made their choice mindfully: they were exactly scared about the current events covering entire America. They had been watching for years how Democrats and their liberal electorate broke the society, set radicals on Republicans, lied, flirt with representatives of radical organisations and instigated them to protest.

Over the recent four years Trump’s opponents held mass meetings calling for violent overthrow of the president, for support of such movements as “Black Lives Matter”, M13 and Antifa. They prepared this explosion. It might happen earlier or later, but they could not avoid it under the overwhelming propaganda carried on by liberal mass media.

Trump’s electorate maintained the idea that after his nomination, patient, honest and hard-working people who pay taxes to assure welfare for millions of lazy freeloaders, would be at least protected from murder, arson attacks, and looting. Unfortunately, they made a hard mistake. All these diseases arrived. Day after day American country people suffer from massive offences increasingly frequently; but when they call the police, it fails to arrive and advices to “address the mayor directly”.

Photo: Clay Banks

The situation is complicated by the fact that the US justice takes weird forms. Some state attorneys swear to bring 150 rioters mobbing shops and dismounting monuments, to criminal liability. As we can see, they do not talk about many thousands of vandals and robbers, they only mean those who “were successfully identified”. Because law violators wore face masks. It also means, that trial counselors representing criminals will manage to release the majority of arrested suspects playing with justice red tape.

Both prosecutors and the FBI whose management is famous for its anti-Trump sentiments, refuse to recognise that the crimes committed by the “activists” are not only motivated from the political point of view, they are really committed at the instigation of the Democratic Party leaders. Over his entire inning period Trump attempted to fight against a persistently growing monster formed by major corporations controlled by liberals, founders of Trotskyist clubs, educational cartels and mature liars from “democratic mass media”, but, in all appearances, he fails in all respects. It is not surprising, because liars are supported by the FBI as a state authority and a cohort of billionaires.

This process has another aspect which is dangerous for American people. People make sure again and again that fairness, good conscience and the truth are chimaeras, and those are frequent winners who lie, palter, and demonise honest people. Liberals and mass media controlled by them turn the USA into the country where corruption is cultivated by establishment – the establishment which commonly accuses China, Russia and some other countries in massive corruption.

Photo: LS d’Avalonia

Ordinary Americans scratch head over the fact that liberals and Democratic members of Congress forcefully defend the supporters of the movement “Black Lives Matter”. The slogan itself is absurd for Christians: every human life matters regardless of skin colour, because Master created all people equal.

Many Trump’s supporters turned their backs on him when he failed – or did not want – to protect them from a mad mob, vandals, robbers, and rapists. Why did it happen? Republicans say, he got tired of a three-year-long struggle for his honour and dignity. We would rather agree, that the “Russia’s electoral intervention case” was the most carefully designed and artistically orchestrated political fake in the history of the USA. Trump’s inner circle included not only those who were almost ineffective for his defense; instead, at least three of his high ranking assistants turned traitors, with the FBI and the US Department of Justice maintaining a block with his enemies for a long time.

Trump never was too enthusiastic about Russia, however Russia, in fact like the rest part of the world, was monitoring in surprise how Trump, similar to a wild animal, was getting surrounded by head-shrinkers. Coronavirus spreading helped his enemies a lot in creating of a powerful common front combined of his opponents.

The current situation in the US politics is much more complicated and dramatic. Because everything that happens in the country during the presidential election year relates to election. There is no exception of this rule. Washington is a city of political experts, who exactly rule this city. Even if mass media declares that a Russian submarine is detected in the Bermuda Triangle, the political analysts make assumptions on its influence on the electoral outcome.

Naturally, immediately after the Coronavirus quarantine restrictions implementation in the USA, the Democratic Party started contemplating the use of this circumstance for their political moves. Churches and cafes were closed, but offices of radicals, liberals, and anarchists as well as abortion clinics were open as before at full load. All the societies and institutions supporting the Democratic Party conducted their policy in a similar vein, cynically and outrageously.

When George Floyd, a criminal noted by justice for his five previous offences, including the robbery and the attack on a pregnant woman, died after being caught by the police, the events started developing such stormily, that the majority of US citizens decided that the country was a mess. But the mess was controllable: it developed based on a premeditated script of mass disorders which might again bring an important political tool to Democrats: the initiative to attack Trump and his electorate. As we know, law enforcement bodies became the first target chosen for this attack. Mind you, the common front managed by liberals was selective here. The activists avoided to touch the FBI. They also avoided engagement of the local police in several states, because Democratic mayors instructed them to restrain themselves from involvement in action. The rest people were demonised, outraged, beaten, and even hurled with Molotov cocktails.

The protest movement was organised in the name of struggle against racism and social inequality. However, again liberals instructed their foot soldiers to be selective and avoid touching such digital giants as Apple and Amazon, which was logical, because these companies supported the movement “Black Lives Matter”. The protest movement was declared to defend Christian values, but vandals desecrated churches and monuments. Some groups did it in the name of Islam, however, no one reminded them that both president Jefferson and Prophet Mohammed also owned slaves. The “crusaders against racialism” include Columbus who discovered America, Founding Fathers and even modern farmers who supposedly use slave labour by hiring seasonal workers, into the list of their enemies.

After the evaluation of the above mentioned, the following conclusion can be made: the events developing in America over the recent weeks were not raised due to death of George Floyd or police brutality. This is a process of assumption of local power by extremists which is happening not under the passive eye, but with the evident support of liberals and their masters. Once we understand and assess it, we will easily answer any question relating to the current US situation.

We have got to feel for those dutiful Americans who are completely confused and scared now about further horrible ordeals. Because they are treated now as hostages by extremists and their masters throwing them a bone.

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