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Usually September is a month when everything returns to normal after summer holidays and vacations. Children are happy to go back to school, adults return to work. A new theatre season is beginning with its inspiring premieres, and concert halls expect “sold out” notices. Movies that become known during summer film festivals are finally hitting cinemas.

I am writing this, but I restrain tears with difficulty. Because this September will see nothing of the abovementioned. Paris, London, Berlin, Rome are scared of the second – maybe hypothetical – wave of the pandemic. Will it become real or not? It is unclear. But everyone is already panicking. Just in case!

Coronavirus as a pandemic is a complex topic. Some people say, it is very scary, but others oppose them. But Coronavirus as a psychosis exists as an absolutely indisputable phenomenon.

60% of restaurants in New York have closed permanently, tallest office buildings are empty, property prices have dropped by 50%. Thanks to the “social program” in Paris and other European capitals, it is still not all that scary. But experts predict some kind of apocalyptic horror stories, and after them – a sharp increase in development of everything. Which is also strange! Who should be trusted? I do not know.

In addition, sociologists also predict a “turbulent” autumn. Not from a climatic, but from a social point of view. European governments and mayors in capital cities are expecting violent protests. Against what? Is it the Coronavirus?

I do not know about you, dear readers, but what is happening seems to me fantastic – not that otherworldly, but certainly from some parallel reality.

Or maybe we can rely on Sputnik V? I would like to believe at least in something…

Victor Loupan

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