The Union of Political “Wheeler-Dealers”

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The truth on serial political frauds being initiated with the proactive support of Democratic leaders, came to light

By Leonard Gorlin, political analyst

A COVID-19 pandemic and fights in the American urban streets temporarily shadowed a range of important domestic events in the politics of the United Stated of America. Such switch in priorities was widely facilitated by the Democratic Party which leaders preferred to forget about their failures, including their poor attempt to impeach Trump as well as derailed investigation of Russia’s interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election with Russia’s secret support of the Republican nominee.

Photo by Mahosadha Ong

But Democrats failed to completely shade these deprivations and tie up loose ends. Thanks to some insistent Republicans and Fox News media corporation, the truth on serial political frauds being intended and initiated by Hillary Clinton and her husband with the proactive support of Democratic leaders, as well as Barack Obama and Joe Biden, came to light.

As we know, the most powerful and long-term fraud included preparation of so-called “Steele dossier” developed on the basis of rumors and factoids. It was actually adopted, approved and ginned up by the FBI management supporting Clintons.

Another speculation included an extensive campaign based in this dossier and some other doubtful sources (such as unchecked and intentionally fabricated press announcements) which led to establishment of so-called “Mueller’s commission”. However, the commission detected neither “Russian trail” over the election nor Trump’s contacts with Russian politicians before the election.

The Senior Courts of England and Wales forced Christopher Steele to pay 18,000 pounds to each of Alfa-Bank co-founders

This is a general outline of events backgrounding these frauds. But newly discovered relevant facts are still coming to light, and they are worth our attention. Our magazine released articles focused on Christopher Steele, a former British agent; we know that upon retirement he spoke a lot – and often – about his huge experience with intelligence activities in Russia and his important contacts with Russian intelligence officers, so finally he appeared within eyesight of people servicing Clintons couple. Who, in turn, decided to attack Trump by preparing the “Trump–Russia dossier” compromising his reputation?

By the time Steele had been retired for several years already, with his activity in Russia being not that “impressive”. However, he could not reject a pretty sum offered him by Clintons. He made a few tries to connect with former Soviet and Russian military officers in London, but nobody was able to help him with his dossier. They supposed that none other but Sergei Skripal, a former GRU military intelligence colonel and traitor recruited during his service in Spain as a military attaché, had helped him to complete the dossier.

If so, then attempted murder of Skripal takes on its own perspective. Skripal and his daughter might be poisoned by hired guns after the start of detailed investigation of the dossier. To find an answer about who might hire them, we should check the whole chain of dossier related events, including the alleged transportation of Skripal to the USA after his recovery.

But Skripal who was imprisoned as a traitor until he was granted clemency by Yeltsin and later had lived several years in Salisbury, was unlikely to add fresh facts to Steele dossier – and certainly those relating to such new development in American politics as Trump, or the latest operations conducted by Russian intelligence in the USA. That is why his dossier consisted of his own works seasoned with anecdotes and gossip supplied by Skripal (or another accomplice of the dossier simulation).

These allegations were proven by the following fact. The Senior Courts of England and Wales forced Christopher Steele to pay 18,000 pounds to each of Petr Aven and Mikhail Fridman, Alfa-Bank co-founders, for the abovementioned dossier containing “misleading or inaccurate information”.

Senator Lindsey Graham publicly revealed two documents relating to abusive practice in respect of Trump’s 2016 electoral campaign

This dossier also contains many other inventions. Specifically, it affirms, that Michael Cohen, ex-Trump lawyer, intentionally visited Prague to discuss with “Russian hackers” that Russian secret agents owned a video record which would allow them intimidation of Trump, and that former Trump adviser Carter Page was “bought by Russians” and has got as much as 19 percent share in some Russian company.

But another idea truly stands out of all these outlandish accusations. The dossier says, Trump’s electioneerers paid Russian hackers who were employed by the Russian Consulate in Miami. This single fact speaks for itself about the intellectual level of the dossier authors: there is no Russian Consulate in Miami!

The dossier was sponsored by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee with the use of fake bank accounts. They hoped to support absurd and factless accusations contained in the dossier by an extensive anti-Trump campaign rolled out on print media and TV channels. But their key argument was that the FBI management led its own fraud: it affirmed that the facts mentioned in the dossier generally corresponded to real circumstances and were obtained from proven sources. However, neither Republicans nor Trump lawyers were provided access to investigate these “facts”.

It is fair to say, that former FBI Director James Comey and a large group of his supporters among FBI staff attempted to legitimate their connection with the dossier thus making it a reliable and trustable document. It should be noted that former Trump adviser Carter Page filed a claim against the Democratic National Committee for defamation generated by the dossier and affront offered to him by Democrats. And he has all the chances to win the case.

In the meantime, Senator Lindsey Graham who has served as Chairman of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary, publicly revealed two newly declassified documents relating to abusive practice of Obama’s government in respect of Trump’s 2016 electoral campaign, including surveillance.

The first document is a 57-page detailed evaluation of three-day interviews held by FBI with Christopher Steele’s “primary source” regarding the “facts” included into the dossier. The second document is an analysis of the extremely false article published in the New York Times newspaper. Both documents were still unavailable to the public.

According to the analysis conducted by Senator Graham’s office, the first document developed by FBI shows that the provider engaged by Steele under the contract (and even living outside Russia), but not any notable current or former Russian civil servant, was Steele’s key source of information. In my opinion, it again supports a suggested supply of information by Skripal.

Former Trump adviser Carter Page filed a claim against the Democratic National Committee, and he has all the chances to win the case

What does it mean? It means that the information provided to Steele by the “primary source” at most was the second-hand or third-hand information or even worse – a simple collection of rumors. And the “primary source” was fully aware of it! During his interviews given to FBI officers he was “surprised with the fact that the information he provided to Steele later appeared in Steele dossier”. As we see, the American people were obscenely cheated for a long time.

The second released document is actually the reaction shown by FBI agents to the article published in the New York Times and headlined as “Trump campaign aides had repeated contacts with Russian intelligence”. Quote: “Phone records and intercepted calls show that members of Donald J. Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and other Trump associates had repeated contacts with senior Russian intelligence officials in the year before the election, according to four current and former American officials”.

Former FBI agent Peter Strzok (Hillary Clinton supporter) who challenged the factual knowledge in the article was bound to acknowledge that its authors overdid their affirmations. He noted: “We have not seen evidence of any individuals in contact with Russians, both among governmental authorities and non-government circles” and “we have not detected any affiliation with current intelligence organisation, and there is a very little chance of any affiliation [with the Russian government]”. It appears that the FBI management knew it from the very beginning that a low and dirty play was evident, but FBI did not stop it – instead, FBI stimulated it allowing establishment of “Mueller’s commission”.

In the meantime, political “Wheeler-Dealers” declare now that Steele – who was a key person in the dossier creation – was just a “foot soldier in a Russian play” which was invented as a “wave of misinformation and defamation of the U.S. Congress and American mass media”. It means, the time for a new investigation has come…

It sounds like Hillary and her allies have no luck to determine whether Russia has interfered with the U.S. electoral campaign or whether it strived to defame American print media. But it is easy to understand that Democratic leaders and their affiliates in major American mass media brought discredit upon themselves through continuous lies and political frauds.

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