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During my childhood there was a common Soviet expression: “May holidays”. This meant May 1, International Workers Day. The day was a day off, but with a “voluntarily forced” demonstration. Another “May holiday” included May 9 – a favourite holiday for all of us, boys. Due to the military parade, of course. We loved watching how military equipment went noisily, and we realised with awe that the “uncles” with orders on their jackets fought, that they were the same guys in caps that we saw in war films, but as matured survivors.

This year we have another May holiday – Easter! Orthodox people will start celebrating Christ on May 2. This does not happen often. Easter usually happens in April.

The month of May is always a joy. April is usually pointless. How to dress, for example? It seems warm today, but tomorrow may be so cold, God forbid. But May is all about the sun, brightness, blossom, fragrances. Such a grace!

Although this year, because of the damned COVID, we will probably not be allowed to lie on the grass in the park or sit out on the sunny terrace with a glass of chilled white wine.

So I do not even know should I be happy or, on the contrary, sad. After all, we are now almost like prisoners who look at the blue sky sitting behind bars.

Although the freedom, as the classics say, is an internal state.

That is why, happy May holidays to you, dear readers!

Victor Loupan

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