Interview with Mr Von Kurten Of The Savoy Westend Hotel

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By Jaz Grewal

The Savoy West End Hotel takes a privileged location against the stunning backdrop of Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic and is established as one of the finest spa hotels in Europe. Offering world class treatments and facilities, the luxury spa resort is renowned for its approach to wellbeing and for providing the very best in five-star hospitality. I was lucky enough to learn from the hotel’s General Manager, Mr Rainer Von Kurten on what makes the hotel such a unique and beautiful place to be.

1) What makes the Savoy Westend Hotel a special place to stay and unwind?

Firstly – the location! Sometimes I remind myself just how lucky we are to have such a wonderful hotel in a such a magical place surrounded by forest, relaxing silence, fine architecture and an amazing air… To speak in technical terms, Savoy Westend is a special place as we have 5 different historical buildings, all connected between each other and our medical centre. The medical centre is worth mentioning as it is one of the biggest medical centres in the Czech Republic and the biggest one in KV with its own 25m swimming pool. Our concept is to connect the natural resources of KV with the modern exclusive technology of our medical centre and 5 * luxury accommodation. But not only this makes us special. The service and our team is our real secret weapon. Every day, every moment, our goal is to satisfy the needs of our customers. By my experience even if something else went wrong the professionalism and personal attitude of the staff can make the difference.

2) Why is Karlovy Vary the most visited spa town in the Czech Republic?
Very simply, Karlovy Vary is a very beautiful romantic place with its own special charm… you have to be there to truly appreciate the sophisticated atmosphere. But alpha and omega are, of course, KV’s mineral resources and the medical concept of using it. It has helped so many people! You cannot imagine how often I hear from my guests that it saved them from surgeries, taking strong medicines etc. It works and people, of course, are happy to take advantage.

3) Which tips can you give our readers looking to visit the region and stay at the hotel?

Karlovy Vary region is very rich by having so many unique historical places! You have to visit it! Let’s not forget it is very close to other countries like Germany and even Austria. So when you want to take a break from your treatments you can easily rent a car or take the hotel transfer and in a short time, you are already in Dresden for example! So your holidays do not necessarily have to be all about the treatments, it is also about the fun adventures, and Savoy Westend has a lot to offer in this field as well.

4) How has the Savoy Westend Hotel supported the Diplomatic Workers Day in previous years?

We are always organising a fine reception for our partners in Russian Consulate. It is a nice tradition. We have done it for several years in a row. But our partnership is not limited to this day only, we successfully work on many projects together.

5) What makes dining at The Savoy and Savoy Royal Restaurants such a unique gastronomic experience?

Since we are a medical resort we are very into healthy cuisine, trying to use local farm produce wherever possible, our chefs are very careful with the products we are buying, in our menu there are always a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits, light soups, local meat and fishes, given the fact we have our own cake shop where you can find very tasty yet light deserts here , combine it with the fairy tale view of the restaurant on the Russian Orthodox Church and you can easily get the picture… let’s not also forget our a la carte restaurant where our customers can taste the best from local and European cuisine.

6) How can the Medical programs on offer at the hotel & spa improve the wellbeing of guests?

Positive influence of the natural KV sources have been medically proved for centuries, but medical science is developing every year and even every month, we are following these changes, our goal is to be ahead of everybody, so now in Savoy Westend Hotel you can find several exclusive machines and treatments which are not available not only in KV but even in Europe. The hotel also offers a total check-up, we have our own laboratory and are also cooperating with the best laboratories in Munich and the University laboratory in Pilsen which gives us the advantage of exclusivity. All together SWH is offering more than 250 treatments of very various direction.

7) What plans do you have for further expansion over the coming years?

I see big potential in the property, I’ve just started to work here, but we have already realised so many things! I will not mention such a thing like renovations, design and furniture changes, but there are going to be some concept changes like creating a new business club in one of our buildings, which was bought and had not been used since. It is going to be a very private business club for our customers and local businessmen, with a fine restaurant, its own wine bar and extra class business lounges. Another thing in progress is the addition of a special glass pavilion, which will be a special place for our guests for events and other functions, we want to give to our customers a little more choice so that their life in the hotel doesn’t concentrate around their treatments only.

8) How can the hotel be transformed to accommodate private events such as weddings and special functions?

Savoy Westend Hotel has great experience in organising such events. Just recently we hosted a nice wedding in the hotel. We have several private salons we are using for the guests’ private parties, or birthdays, for summer time we have parties in our Alley surrounded by roses… Over the next year we are planning to renovate a big space we have left from the former bowling centre to make a modern multifunctional conference and event facility.

9) What have been the most noteworthy dates at the hotel since its opening in 1897?

I would say the opening of modern Savoy Westend in 2005 when the hotel got a new life and was presented to the world with its new concept of 5 buildings. But I always look forward to the future and being the true optimist I am, I will say our best times are still ahead of us! This hotel is the pearl of Karlovy Vary and I am sure with the right plan and management very soon we will be one of the business leaders!

10) How is the hotel adapted for families and children?

The hotel has its own playground for children, we do special children’s programs in the summer and winter seasons, children can have swimming lessons in our swimming pool, babysitting services are very popular also… This hotel and even KV region is an ideal place for family holidays. During the summer you can do bicycle tours amongst the beautiful nature or hiking in the mountains, or you can play tennis together… golf fans can look forward to the exclusive golf courses and for winter time there’s nothing better than skiing or having fun going down by snow tubing…we have a lot to offer! Just come to our wonderful hotel and you will have an experience I am sure you will never forget!

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