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Alexander Tarakanov

As a measure against the increase in the incidence of Coronavirus in Italy, the national government is considering expansion of the use of electronic COVID passes (Green Pass), which can be obtained with a certificate of a previous illness, or having undergone a complete course of vaccination, or having received a negative test result for presence of the infection in the body.

According to ANSA, we are talking, in particular, about proposals on using such passes on all types of long-distance transport: airplanes, trains and ships.

The number of cases of COVID-19 infection caused by the Delta variant is rising in Italy. To prevent increased circulation of the virus, all these cases need to be monitored and analysed everywhere, with the achievement of “high coverage of the population with vaccination and completion of full immunisation”. AGI wrote about it on Friday, according to a report by the National Institute of Health (ISS) and the Ministry of Health following a weekly epidemiological monitoring.

According to the available data, the average prevalence rate of COVID-19 within the country increased from 0.66 to 0.91 over the last week, and the number of confirmed cases of new Coronavirus increased from 11 to 19 per 100 000 inhabitants over the week.

Despite the fact that in all regions and autonomous provinces of Italy, the occupancy rate of intensive care units as well as other departments in medical institutions allocated for COVID-19 patients, is well below the critical threshold and the national average is about two percent, the level of epidemiological danger is recognised as low only in Valle d’Aosta and Trento. It has been raised to moderate in all other regions of the country.

According to the Italian Ministry of Health, there are now almost 41,000 detected virus carriers in the country. In total, 4,278,319 people have been infected with a new Coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic in Italy, including 127,840 deaths and 4,109,579 recovered.

As of the morning of July 16, 59,966,908 vaccinations for COVID-19 have been undergone domestically, and the number of those who have completed a full immunisation course has reached 25,792,725, which corresponds to 43.5 percent of the total population of Italy.

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