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The conclusion made by independent observers regarding the current situation in the USA, is disappointing

TEO GURIELI, political analyst

The outcome of the party conferences held in the USA to nominate Republican and Democratic presidential candidates, as well as the speeches of the approved nominees voiced during and after the conferences, have been extensively commented in the USA.

Opinion polls conducted in every state demonstrated that Donald Trump and Joe Biden ratings differ roughly 4 to 6 percent from each other either way, depending on who conducts such polls and how. It allows political analysts to speak about the country snapped in two. And this status will not change before the presidential election in November and almost certainly will not change after the election too.

The conclusion made by independent observers is disappointing. The country expects new disturbances, new protests and even more dreadful violence. It must be remembered that anarchists, radicals and sorts of ragamuffins still continue torturing America, and mass protests following the election will recharge mutineers.

According to Joe Biden’s supporters, he keeps his leadership consistent. I suppose, our readers will be interested in the programme developed by him and his inner circle for introduction to the American people over his presidential term.

Regarding economy, Biden and his fellow Democrats are planning massive environmental investments. As a part of the “Green New Deal”, a plan totaling to 1.7 trillion US dollars, was prepared, according to which the USA will achieve zero pollution by 2050 or even earlier. This plan called “utopian” by some Republicans, will unavoidably lead to unprecedented reduction in industrial production and, consequently, to mass unemployment. Regarding fracturing (commercial natural gas production with the use of hydraulic fracturing method), Biden represents that he does not support ban of the method itself, but will ban new fracking licenses. Apparently, current license holders have promised him their support.

Biden promises to invest 1.3 trillion US dollars in infrastructure improvement and nest huge amounts to fight against poverty. With this, he affirms rich contributors that he will not “demonise” the wealthy. He declared: “Nobody wants to worsen their standards of living, nothing will change radically”. He calls for additional financing to extend medical services in rural regions, however he immediately approaches liberals and promises to cancel all the laws restricting or prohibiting abortion in different areas of the USA.

It is very interesting how Biden deals with mass consumption of marijuana in the country. He declared he would “decriminalise” marijuana instead of legalising it. A statesman, who was promoted as a Democratic nominee, came short to understand that “decriminalisation” meant legalisation. Moreover, Biden promises to release people imprisoned for marijuana distribution. It should be noted that any persons promoted by the Democratic Party as presidential nominees (except billionaire Mike Bloomberg) promised to immediately legalise marijuana upon their election…

Joe Biden made many other representations, which are typical election pledges, including creating conditions for extirpation of pockets of poverty, improvement of public water supply and train connection. However, Americans got used to such promises. In many American cities where mayors are Democrats, similar pledges have been declared from one year to the next, from one month to another…

Republicans think, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and the rest part of liberals in the USA gear up for elimination of the American way of life, creating conditions for an outrage and liquidation of Law and Order across the country. They promise, President Trump and Vice President Pence will prevent it and show they care about every American family. These are also typical election pledges, but at least we can, based on recent facts, believe their intentions of creating more working places, reducing tax burden and protecting employment in America. Intentions of stopping America’s dependence on China and renewal of one million job opportunities in the USA.

Republicans affirm labour America that they will stop Coronavirus, reduce social security contribution, strengthen healthcare system, manage lower prices to prescribed medications. Every family will be given a free hand to opt a comfortable school.

In my opinion, these pledges could be trusted, if only because America had followed this plan over the entire Trump’s presidential term. Generally, the US economy was successful in the Trump years, and it could be even more successful without riots, sabotages and continuous obstacles built by liberals before the Republican administration.

Trump affirms Americans that he would “drain the swamp” of Washington giving home to “professional politicians” and lobbyists. He is planning to introduce a bill to limit Congress membership to a certain period of time. This single idea enrages Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and other “swamp” politicians. Trump promises to restore police funding and ban sanctuary cities facilitating rise in crime and human traffic. This corresponds to the interests of American workers, ordinary citizens, farmers and clerisy. He promises to exclude illegal immigrants from social security system, healthcare system and free education at taxpayers’ expense. It also corresponds to the interests of labour America who actually feeds hoards of freeloaders.

Kamila Harris who is well positioned to become Vice President if Biden wins the presidency, declares in contrast, that she will take her best efforts to ensure that illegal immigrants use same rights as American citizens have in the USA.

Trump promises to stop senseless wars outside America and bring troops back to the USA; instead, he plans to establish a permanent representation of America on the Moon and send a manned flight to Mars. These words will be favourably accepted in many countries; however, it is questionable whether they will come true or remain metaphorical.

Regarding lawlessness and catastrophic rise in crime in the country, Trump told the following at the Republican conference: “Last year, over 1,000 African-Americans were murdered as a result of violent crime in just four Democrat-run cities. The top 10 most dangerous cities in the country are run by Democrats and have been for many decades. Thousands more African Americans are victim and victims of violent crime in these communities. Joe Biden and the left ignore these American victims. I never will. If the radical left takes power, they will apply their disastrous policies to every town, city, and suburban America.

Imagine if the so-called peaceful demonstrators in the streets were in charge of every lever of power in the U.S. government. Just think of that. Liberal politicians claim to be concerned about the strength of American institutions, but who exactly is attacking them? Who is hiring the radical professors, judges, and prosecutors? Who is trying to abolish immigration enforcement and establish speech codes designed to muzzle dissent? In every case, the attacks on American institutions are being waged by radical left. Always remember, they are coming after me because I am fighting for you. That is what is happening. It has been going on from before I even got elected.

And remember this, they spied on my campaign and they got caught. Let’s see now what happens.

We must reclaim our Independence from the left’s repressive mandates. Americans are exhausted, trying to keep up with the latest lists of approved words and phrases, and the ever more restrictive political decrees.

Many things have a different name now, and the rules are constantly changing. The goal of cancel culture is to make Americans live in fear of being fired, expelled, shamed, humiliated, and driven from society as we know it. The far-left wants to coerce you into saying what you know to be false and scare you out of saying what you know to be true. Very sad. But on November 3, you can send them a very thundering message they will never forget”.

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